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Welcome to a world of pleasure. My name is Michael Ardern — I'm a Sydney based straight male escort and VIP companion for women.

Though I’m located in Sydney, I frequently travel to other Australian cities and international destinations. As an entrepreneur with interests in fitness and high-end security, I’m highly educated and also have experience in film, TV, and modeling.

I cherish exploring diverse cultures, trying new cuisines, and appreciating the beauty of different ways of life. Known for my old-school chivalry, I’m described as polite, courteous, and an extremely discreet gentleman. My genuine love for the outdoors perfectly complements my dedication to fitness.

Your VIP Straight Male Escort

Clients often do a little happy dance upon meeting me, as my photos are a true representation of who I am. What you see is what you get with me. My diverse background enables me to connect with individuals from various backgrounds. As I adore all women, I thrive on engaging in enlightening conversations. With high emotional intelligence, I adapt to any situation and prioritise listening attentively to you.

Is this your first time?

Rest assured, our pace is entirely yours, ensuring a gentle, considerate, and safe experience. As a passionate, soft, and nurturing lover, I’m equally ready to serve if you desire dominance. With a naturally high sex drive, you retain total control over our encounter—from a slow burn to the momentum and intensity build.


What to expect
I can guarantee that you will have my undivided attention from the smallest things to the gestures that matter so much to a woman. Whether it’s dressing appropriately for the occasion, being punctual, opening doors, helping you get seated, or simply listening with empathy and compassion, I provide the upmost discretion and comfort.

Tailored Experiences to Every Desire

As an experienced straight male escort, I’ve observed that every encounter is unique. So my sincere desire is for you to depart feeling the best version of yourself.

Explore a spectrum of booking options, ranging from casual meetings, lunch or dinner dates, to the immersive boyfriend experience. Opt for extended luxe packages—overnight, weekend, multi-day, or week-long adventures—tailored within Australia or across international destinations. These options allow me to curate experiences aligned with your desired activities.

For a more exclusive experience, consider the ‘Fly Me to You’ or ‘Fly Me With You’ packages, available anywhere in Australia or globally.

Local Adventures & Special Licenses

Within the Sydney region, embark on an adventure with a straight male escort who truly understands your desires. Whether it’s cruising in luxury vehicles, classic cars, or a Harley Davidson, I’m offer a range of options to turn your dreams into an unforgettable experience. Holding a boat captain’s license, we can even charter a boat on the Pittwater or Hawkesbury River for a day or weekend.

What I Offer - Michael Ardern -Straight Male Escort & VIP Companion for Women - Sydney, Australia


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I am delighted you’ve decided to take the next step and choose me as your companion. It’s very simple from here, just send me a message and we can chat further about my services and availability. I would love nothing more than being able to make your fantasy a reality. So please get in touch.

Get in touch

I would love nothing more than being able to make your fantasy a reality.
So please get in touch. Emails are replied to within 24 hours, although there maybe a delay if I’m travelling.

Always feel free to send a follow up text message in case your email didn’t reach me.